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T.G. Burke

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Fantasy Author

The author, T.G. Burke pictured next to a white goat.

T.G. Burke (they/them - pictured on the right) is a film editor and writer based in New York City who wishes they had a goat of their own, but they'd settle for a humble flock of chickens. Alas, our petless pal makes do with tamagotchis which keep them company as they spin new worlds into being both on the screen and the page.

In their free time, they also host a video gaming podcast on co-op games:

Saves Together
Small doodle of a chicken
Small doodle of a goat

**T.G. Burke is also an expert doodle artist



Warlock at Dawn

Jules is a warlock fugitive neglecting her duty to wrangle the cosmic storms in order to protect her identity. She's taken refuge in a tiny port town, masquerading as a baker, her magic a secret to all. Her carefully crafted peace is shattered the day Glyn Willows, an enigmatic warlock with hair as pink as bubblegum, ropes her into baking for the town’s harvest festival. As she starts to find her place in town—and fall for Glyn’s charms—Jules worries she may accidentally reveal more than she should and summon the ghosts of her criminal past.

A moodboard with 9 images. First row: a dock reaching out to the ocean, blue macaroons, the blue horizon on the sea. Second row: A woman with her head turned from the camera in a summer hat, a fire billowing out a window, a man with half his face hidden with long, brown hair. Third row: A blue stormy sky with lightning, blue wildflowers in a field, the teal surface of the ocean

Cozy Fantasy



Vessel of the Veil

A moodboard with three rows. First row: Two rows of tealight candles, a stone arched window, the top of a cathedral. Second row: a bare-chested, pale man without a shirt, white, translucent crystals,  a pale man's hand lying on a bed. Third row: rows of red skulls, marble statues of old men, a red, oozing texutre



Banished as a child from his home behind the veil, Cade has long since given up on the lofty expectations of his title as warden. But when reassignment comes and he returns to the veiled city, his old ambitions are reignited. Only his new position is bodyguard to the Soul Vessel, Penn, his childhood best friend. But Penn doesn’t recognize him and his inheritance, the ritual that will replace his soul with that of their eternal hero, comes closer with each passing day. When forbidden feelings between the two blossom, Cade must soon decide what’s worth losing when weighing duty against his heart.


100 Ways to Cook Chimera

A mood board with three rows of images. First row: a single red mushroom on the forest floor, a door beneath a hill, a bundle of colorful peppers. The second row is a long dinner table set with meat, fruits and dishes for a meal. Third row: piles of colorful spices, a blazing campfire, a bundle of grapes and other fruits and veggies.

Cozy Fantasy


After moving from the Undercities, Poppylow hoped her dream of becoming a famous chef would extend past writing a weekly recipe column for her evil bosses. So when she gets the chance to leave her toxic work enviornment and chase her dream, Poppy takes it. But workers are bound to their companies and can’t quit their jobs without a new employer to buy their contacts. All she needs first is to convince the rest of her coworkers to quit with her and help her steal the egg of the Royal Feenix so she can cook a meal magical enough to impress her role model and secure her dream job. It’s a good thing Poppy’s a firm believer that there’s nothing a good meal can’t fix.


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